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For Most Treatments: $50 – 30 min  |  $95 – 60 min  |  $140 – 90 min  |  $185 – 120 min

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Kinesio Taping is a newly recognized technology being used by Olympic athletes in multiple sports to support muscles and stabilize joints without restricting circulation or range of motion.  It can be applied to open the space between the epidermis and dermis, enabling a better flow of blood and lymphatic fluids. The improved circulation reduces swelling and aids the movement of nutrients into the muscle. By assisting or inhibiting the muscles, tendons and ligaments, taping supports proper function and restores correct alignment.  Kinesio Taping can be used for athletic applications such as sprains and strains, for postural support at your desk or before a long flight, or lymphatic drainage reducing edema or breast engorgement.  Come in for a specific application or add Kinesio Taping to enhance the benefits of a therapeutic massage treatment.