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For Most Treatments: $58 – 30 min  |  $110 – 60 min  |  $162 – 90 min  |  $214 – 120 min

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Neck pain is one of the most commonly complained about human ailments. If you have ever woke up after sleeping incorrectly, you can be debilitated for days. If you have ever been in a collision the consequences can be terribly worse.  Many serious yet common complaints are the result of myofascial trigger points or nerve impingement due to inflamed neck muscles. It is not uncommon to find significant relief from headaches, TMJ, arm numbness, vertigo, ear ringing, carpal tunnel and more from as little as even a single session. The 30 minute neck treatment is designed to target specific problem areas allowing for considerable pain reduction and increased mobility. It is also a perfect addition to an hour full body massage.