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For Most Treatments: $58 – 30 min  |  $110 – 60 min  |  $162 – 90 min  |  $214 – 120 min

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Prenatal massage promotes a happier pregnancy, and strengthens bonding as a space is created for the mother and baby to share in their blissful awareness of each other. Enjoy a single massage to relieve low back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain. Or better yet treat yourself or someone you love to a package of treatments that that will last the whole pregnancy.  This will facilitate relaxation and ease for all of the changes taking place in the body along each step of the journey. Prenatal massage is catered especially to address the specific muscles that stretch and fatigue due to the extra weight bearing and physical changes that occur.  Alleviate sciatica, carpel tunnel, leg cramping, edema, and mental stress.  Improve sleep, skin elasticity, and oxygen levels for mother and child.  The massage is received while the mother lies comfortably on her side with pillows provided for complete comfort. Special care is given to support and drape the body so she can enjoy a soothing and relieving session.