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For Most Treatments: $58 – 30 min  |  $110 – 60 min  |  $162 – 90 min  |  $214 – 120 min

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The fluid, rhythmic, flowing movements of this modality are often described as a feeling of waves washing over the body, which assists the recipient in achieving total relaxation.  Often the therapist’s two hands will work on different areas at the same time, allowing the client’s brain drift off as it is too difficult to follow what is happening in two different areas at once.  By administering gentle, long, flowing strokes, and kneading, the body’s soft tissue is relaxed, stiff joints are loosened, and healing is facilitated. Relaxation massage is widely prescribed by physicians to alleviate insomnia, anxiety, depression and to enhance general well being. Treat yourself to a deep sense of balance and harmony as Warder Bodywork guides you through an experience of complete relaxation of body and mind.