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For Most Treatments: $58 – 30 min  |  $110 – 60 min  |  $162 – 90 min  |  $214 – 120 min

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Specific injuries and conditions are best addressed with focused massage otherwise known as Therapeutic Massage. Examples of these conditions may include frozen shoulder, pulled hamstring, whiplash, sprains, strains, carpel tunnel, TMJ, sciatica and a wide variety of other ailments. When muscles are stressed they cause inflammation which blocks oxygen and nutrients, and leaves toxins to build up in the muscles tissue. Therapeutic massage works to relieve muscle injuries and soft tissue pain by releasing toxins and increasing circulation of blood and oxygen. Techniques used in addressing these more complex injuries would include a variety of specialized care to help alleviate stress and tension while restoring mobility by releasing tight muscles and relieving pain. Some examples of Therapeutic modalities are Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapies. Our therapists are extensively trained and certified to effectively use a combination of Therapeutic techniques to address deep muscle tissue, complex joint systems and inelastic connective tissue. Warder Bodywork therapists emphasize communication in their approach. Through communication the treatment will be formulated to be most effective for your recovery. Other support methods including stretching, self massage techniques, postural techniques, and body mechanics will be shared to support optimal improvement between visits.