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Touch is the purest form of communication. It does not need to be taught.  It crosses boundaries of race, language and religion.  It’s desire to be given and received is inherent in all people, and its intentions are understood clearly. As humans we learn how to listen, communicate, and feel safe in the world through loving touch.

Warder Bodyworkers believe in the healing power of touch, while upholding the utmost respect for current medical science and technology. Our therapists are trained in a variety of modalities stemming from ancient eastern healing techniques, but with emphasis and vast understanding of anatomy, physiology and advanced sports/clinical massage.

In our opinion, one of the great downfalls of modern medicine is the loss of the client’s self awareness and self empowerment. Taking responsibility for the health of our own body and mind is an integral aspect to our approach of massage and healing.

We feel you should never accept pain in your body as something you have to “just deal with”.  With the growing support for massage, why not first try a less expensive, more pleasurable route to healing your pain?  Especially when the alternates are diagnostic tests, with inflated prices and invasive procedures.  With skilled massage, there is no real risk and the benefit possibilities are endless.

At Warder Bodywork we strive to offer the most effective massage possible with measurable outcomes. Our intentions are holistic in nature, based on listening touch, and understanding each client’s needs. When appropriate, we will provide self-treatment exercises, and supplementary healing tips to promote and enhance the recovery, health and wellbeing of our clients. Open communication with our clients is an integral part of our service. We rely on our clients’ feedback to track responses, ensuring optimal improvements. Our intention is to offer massage not only for relief of pain, but more so for the enrichment of health and to better the overall quality of our clients’ lives.

Massage is a satisfying, preventative activity that should be considered a staple of wellness, along with eating healthy, exercising, and appreciating each moment.

Striving to uphold our belief in the integrity of massage as a healing and restorative practice we maintain the highest standard for all of our therapists. There are many options out there for a chop shop rubdown, but if you are looking for quality, experience, true understanding of anatomy, and ultimate pain relief, you are looking for Warder Bodywork.